Batavia in the East Indies. (Antique view of Jakarta)

An attractive and rare colored copperplate engraving that was the basis of the more famous, and later print of Jan Van Ryne engraving that was published 24th June 1818. 

This print made circe 1793, shows “The city of Batavia in the Island of Java and Capital of all the Dutch Factories & Settlements in the East Indies” (original title of Van Ryne’s piece), this is only different from the Dutch publication in the ships featured in the foreground. Showing a bird's eye view of Batavia (Jakarta) in Java, with the sea and multiple ships of varying classes and sizes in the foreground. 

Most probably featured in Middleton’s Geography publication In the late 18th century. 

Jan Van Ryne
Batavia (Jakarta) City View
Publication Place / Date
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ca. 1793
14,5 by 19 cm
Hand Colouring
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