Vierendertig Gezigten op Atjeh - 34 albumen photographs ( Thirty-four views on Atjeh)

An extremely rare album with large albumen photographs of the Atjeh war, published by “The Topografische Dienst Van Nederlands Indië” in 1874. Only a few copies were published and most of them are scattered around collections of Museums and institutions. This album gives a rare inside in the Dutch army and their soldiers during the Atjeh war in North Sumatra. Containing 34 loose albumen silver photographs mounted on thick cream board. Boards are numbered and labelled on each verso in Dutch, English and French.

The Aceh War (Indonesian: Perang Aceh), also known as the Dutch War or the Infidel War (1873–1904), was an armed military conflict between the Sultanate of Aceh and the Kingdom of the Netherlands which was triggered by discussions between representatives of Aceh and the United States in Singapore during early 1873. The war was part of a series of conflicts in the late 19th century that consolidated Dutch rule over modern-day Indonesia.

The images shown are close-ups scanned from 3 or the 34  photographs. To receive a catalogue with all 34 images, and images of the cover and backside, please contact us.

Condition: The spine is missing/front cover page cracked at right bottom. - Some photographs have stain spots, study images carefully. 

Thirty-four albumen photographs of the Atjeh war
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
Batavia (Jakarta)/1874
46 by 32 cm. (full sheets)
G+ / Study image carefully
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USD 6,800
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