Batavie. ( Batavia )

A very attractive and rare print, showing the city of Batavia with its building seen from the sea.  Some objects numbered which would relate to a key that would identify them – this key is not on this print. Vivid colouring shows the port and some Dutch VOC and local ships in the foreground. Wide margins, very suitable for framing.

A hand-coloured copper plate from Cornelis de Bruyn circa 1714. / Published by Wetstein et al.  / Was featured in the publication Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and part of the East-Indies, printed in London. / 

Cornelis de Bruijn (also spelled Cornelius de Bruyn, (1652 - 1726) was a Dutch artist and traveler. He made two large tours and published illustrated books with his observations of people, buildings, plants and animals. Best known as a landscape artist, Le Bruyn travelled widely from a young age to Vienna, on to Rome then to Smyrna, Constantinople, Egypt, Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. Everywhere he went Le Bruyn depicted the scenes around him, he was especially interested in places of antiquity or historic interest, and his are the first images of the interior of a pyramid and Jerusalem to be widely available to Westerners. After an eight-year stay in Venice, Le Bruyn returned to The Hague in 1693 to publish this first book. From 1701 he started a second journey into Russia, Persia.

Batavia View from the Sea - Year 1714
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
The Hague / 1714
360 by 325 mm. (Image: 355 by 165 mm.)
Hand coloring
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SKU #P.0759

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