Wife of Raden Saleh

A studio portrait of Raden Ayu, the young wife of the famous painter Raden Saleh, taken in Batavia around the year 1870. The maid to her left carries a spittoon, suggesting Raden Ayu chews betel leaf, as was fashionable among Indies natives during the time.

There are only a few copies of this extremely rare photograph scattered around collections of museums and institutions around the world such as the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and the National Museum in Berlin. Blinds-tamped in the lower right corner by Woodbury & Page.

Opening shop in 1857, Woodbury & Page developed a photography studio in Java that lasted until the early 20th century and became one of the most important photographic endeavours of the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. Photographs of Woodbury & Page nowadays are much sought after by collectors.

Woodbury and Page
Raden Ayu - The wife of Raden Saleh
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Batavia / ca. 1860-80
240 x 190mm.
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