Isle de sir Charles Saunder, Latitude 17d 28. S Longitude 160d 24'0 de Londres. Captain James Cook

Copperplate engraving by Benard of a group of Islands around Tonga from the French edition of Cooke's Voyages, 1787.

In the age of sail coastal profiles were important aids to navigation, assisting mariners to recognise their location and determine their position along a specific coast. Coastal views were usually taken from approximately three miles out to sea together with an annotation of the point of the compass from which the profile was drawn, e.g. 'appearance from East North-East'

Titled 'Isles de Sir Charles Saunder Latitude (..)'. Coastal views of Sir Charles Saunders Island ; Osnaburg Island [Mehetia, in French Polynesia] ; Boscawens Island [Tafahi, in Tonga] ; Admiral Keppel's Island [Niuatoputapu]; Wallis Island [Uvea].

Very suitable for framing. 

James Cook (Captain)
Islands around Tonga coastal profiles, Isle de sir Charles Saunder, by Captain James Cook
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ca. 1787
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