Otago Bevelhebber van het Eiland Amsterdam. by Captain James Cook

A fine original copper-plate engraved antique print of Otago, Chief of the Island of Tongatapu (Amsterdam) the largest island in the Tonga Island, drawn during a visit by Captain Cook in 1777, during his 3rd and last Voyage of Discovery

From a Dutch edition of Captain Cook's voyages: 'Reize rondom de Waereld door James Cook' (Captain Cook's Travels). From 1778 on printed editions of 'Captain Cook's Travels' appeared in English, Italian, French and Dutch.

This publication is considered the foundation of modern knowledge of the Pacific and a cornerstone of the literature of travel and exploration. Captain Cook's Voyages are an iconic symbol of discovery and served not only to contribute to many diverse fields of knowledge but also to inspire many who followed after him. The knowledge accumulated during these explorations greatly expanded the awareness of the world's geography, and his writings, maps, and drawings significantly aided in future navigations, making sea travel much more certain and educating the general public.

James Cook (Captain)
Chief Otago of Tongatapu, Tonga Islands in 1777, by Captain Cook
Publication Place / Date
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/ ca. 1795
20 x 25 cm
Black and White
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