Marnix van St. Aldegonde

Large foldout plan of Passenger accommodations in Motorship Marnix van ST. Aledgonde of Nederland Line Royal Dutch Mail. 

A portrait of the liner features on the Cover - Dec 1934, like new First, Second and Third Class. 

MS Marnix van Sint Aldegonde was a Netherland Line luxury passenger ship and cargo liner built in 1930 for service between Amsterdam and Jakarta. She operated out of Surabaya from 21 February 1940, and was requisitioned as a troopship at Singapore in May 1941 to transport Australian troops from Melbourne to Asia and Africa, and to bring 1,000 Italian prisoners of war from Egypt to Mumbai. She left the Indian Ocean in 1942, and subsequently carried Allied troops for Operation Torch, Operation Husky, and Operation Avalanche.[3] Ship master H.W. Hettema was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in January 1943 after his ship destroyed two attacking bombers off North Africa on 9 November 1942.

Marnix Van St.Aldegonde-Nederland Line Deck Plan-1938
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Amsterdam / 1938
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