General Charte von Australien Nach ne neuesten Entdeckungs Reisen und astronischen Bestimungen…1804 (dated)

A rare 1804 edition of Reinecke's map of Oceana, a detailed early map of the region, very suitable for framing.

The map shows an early depiction of Neu Holland vormals Ulimaroa. The coastline of Australia is incomplete. New Zealand is two islands. Hawaii is shown. His General Charte von Australien was republished five times between 1801 and 1820, (although Tooley notes only four) and with each edition, the latest information was added with new place names appearing and unknown sections of the coast filled in. This is the second state of the map with additional names in New South Wales appearing including Mount Warning north of Sydney and Entrecasteaux Island and Legrand's Bay added on the South Coast. North of Bass Strait, Shanks, and Portland Bays are named. In all editions Australia is named New Holland formerly Ulimaroa and, rather peculiarly, on the right of the continent is the wording New South Wales or Sydney Cove (Neu Süd Wallis oder Sydney-Cove). 

Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke
Australia and Oceana Map
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