Discriptio Malacca (Singapore and Malaysia Map_

A colored copperplate miniature map of Malacca by Barent Langenes, published by Bertius P. in Tabulae Geographicae contractae, Amsterdam, 1602/03, with Latin on verso. A lovely miniature map of the Malay Peninsula, Malacca and the Malacca Strait being the focus, with Indo-china orientated with true North to the right. Singapore is labelled as "Sincapura" to the left of Pedra branca (Horsburg Lighthouse). First appearing in the 1598 edition of Langenes Caert-Thresoor, and later re-published in by Bertius. While having little sign of aging, a previous owner has made hand-written notes to the left of the map just touching the edge of the plate mark. There are also hand-written notes on the reverse.

Singapore, Malacca and Malaysia, Early Map
Publication Place / Date
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Amsterdam / ca.1602
13 by 9 cm.
Hand coloring
G+ / Study images carefully
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