Asia ex magna orbis terre descriptionie Gerardi Mercatori Desumpta studio et industria G.M. Iumioiris

This unique map of Asia by the famous Gerard Mercator gives a great view of how Europe looked at continent Asia 450 years ago. This detailed map shows many references to Marco Polo's travels and gives any map fanatic endless hours of studying and researching. 

Derived from the elder Mercator’s world map of 1569, this map of Asia was engraved by his grandson. The coasts of Northeast Asia and Northwest North America are separated by Gastaldi's fabled Strait of Anian. South of this strait, a beautifully engraved galleon gives speculation to the possibility of a northern route to Asia. 

Sumatra has a curiously archaic outline, while the relationship between New Guinea and Terra Australis is left to the viewer's imagination. The place names, Mangi (Southern China) Beach, Regio, Lucach and Maletur are all taken from Marco Polo's account but erroneously ascribed to locations in the vicinity of present-day Australia.

This map is by Gerard Mercator, who is regarded as one of the greatest cartographers of all time. Mercator was the first cartographer to use the word Atlas to describe a collection of maps.

Gerhard Mercator
Asia by Mercator - Referring to Marco Polo's travel
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Amsterdam / circa 1596 - 1610
55 by 45 cm.
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