KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Amsterdam Batavia

This decorative KLM Airlines poster shows the 1934 flight schedule from Amsterdam to Batavia, a 14.350 km long route. KLM proudly advertised that it took five and a half days to reach the Dutch East Indies. Compared to 6 weeks on a ship, it sure made a difference!

Shown is a globe presented as if seen from outer space, a starlit sky fills in the spaces around the globe which shows the route map. Featuring the air route on a map of the world marked in red with other routes for corresponding connections and combined services, Imperial Airways and Air France routes, and railway and steamship routes through Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and across the Indian Ocean with an image of a propeller plane flying towards the viewer above and the legend on the lower left with services and distances marked, the main title text in bold white lettering against the top and bottom blue borders with white stars against the dark background behind the globe. The aircraft shown is a Fokker F-XXXVI.

KLM Route Poster - Amsterdam to Batavia - Year 1934
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100 by 73 cm.
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